Top 5 Cisco certification

Top 5 Cisco certification

There are so many ways through which you can make it big in information technology. One is by being a network administrator or security expert. If you think that you do not have it in you and that you need a specific kind of training to be an expert networking administrator or security expert then there are ways for it. There are certain networking certifications on which students can relay to make the best out of this field. Most people go for these certifications because they have the potential to teach the students all the necessary skills which are required to be an expert in networking.

For all those who want to go for network certifications, Cisco is the best option for them. Before we talk about the Cisco certifications it is important to know that Cisco is the Global leading certification provider and it is definitely your go-to option if you want to master the networking.

Now we’re going to talk about the top 5 Cisco certifications. Choosing these certifications means choosing the best path for your career.

Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician ( CCENT )

Cisco Certified entry networking certification is the best choice for all those people who are beginners and who have no experience in networking. This certification is the best way to learn networking in a professional way. All the people who go for this certification learn the required networking skills like Network Support at an entry-level. This certification teaches the people how to be a network administrator and how to develop, perform and manage small and large business networks.

The required exam for this certification is the CCENT exam which is called 100-105 ICNDI. All the people who want to appear in this particular examination should have the basic know-how of computer functions and they should also know how to operate different computing systems. After having this certification there are huge chances for people to become network technicians, network administrators, engineers, and system engineers. Once you have this certification then you have better options and there is also a possibility that you can go for a higher level of Cisco certifications.

Cisco Certified network associate routing and switching ( CCNA R&S )

If you think that you do not have the required knowledge in information technology and networking then Cisco Certified network associate routing and switching is your go-to option. There are a number of examples where the expert networking administrators have started their career with this certification. This certification has a lot of scopes and it teaches people a lot of things ranging from wireless, security, data center and cloud.

Cisco Certified network associate routing and switching include routing and switching Technologies of network infrastructure elements. Being in this certification means being in a position where you can learn a lot about networking Technologies, Cisco routers, and switches operating systems. Once you have this certification with you then you can be certain that you are going to land a very brilliant job in a big organization. All the people who want to go for this certification need to go for an exam which is called CCNA R and S. You can easily prepare for this exam by sitting in a training or by practicing online.

Cisco Certified Design Associate ( CCDA)

Cisco Certified design associate is that certification that will teach you about the operation of network Infrastructures. This certification mainly focuses on accessible and scalable network designs. For all those people who want to learn how they can fulfill the organization’s demand for putting all the pieces of networks together should go for this certification. Having this certification means having the ability to be a network design engineer.

After giving this exam you will be more excellent In routing and switching technologies. This certification will also teach you about multiple network Infrastructures.

Implementing Cisco Network Security

Among all the Cisco security certifications implementing Cisco network security is definitely the best. This certification focuses mainly on Security Technologies and principles. Having this certification means having a more close and hand-on experience with security products. With the help of discussions, hands-on lab exercises and materials every single person can be able to understand common security concepts and security techniques. To appear in this exam you must pass any associate level exam. For all those who want to be the best in security should go for the certification.

Cisco Certified network associate cloud

Cisco Certified network associate cloud is a very authentic and reliable certification.

For all those people who want to have a start in networking should go for this certification. Having this certification means landing a brilliant job in networking Arena.

It is a known fact that the IT industry is slowly turning to cloud and most organizations tend to hire those people who have experience and understanding of cloud operations. In this era, if you know about cloud then there are chances that you are going to land almost every position which is available for networking in organizations. This particular certification has the potential to teach you about cloud infrastructure and cloud solutions. It is highly in demand and once you have this certification on your resume then you can be certain that the job is yours. Ironically, there is no required requirement for appearing in the certification but it is imperative that you have the basic knowledge of network technologies and protocols. To be a master in this certification it is important that you pass two exams which are CLDFND & CLDADM. Both these exams cover basic cloud knowledge and by appearing in this exam you will have knowledge about CISCO cloud products.


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